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Solving the Work Ethic Gap

The Center for Work Ethic Development is the nation's only institution focused on the research and advancement of work ethic. We have discovered that work ethic is a trainable set of seven behaviors that are the foundation of workplace success. Based on our landmark study with 1,500 hiring managers, our research has defined the work ethic behaviors that drive job placement, performance, and retention. By training these behaviors, employers and employees build shared accountability and turn common sense into common practice.

The Center for Work Ethic Development partners with more than 550 organizations across the globe, to give teachers, trainers, and supervisors practical tools for building work ethic. With curriculum specifically tailored for adults, youth, veterans and managers, we have solutions that meet every need. Find out more about how we are helping to solve the work ethic gap!


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This Colorado Springs Gazette article covers the appearance of our CEO, Josh Davies, as featured speaker during the 2015 State of the Workforce presentation by the Pikes Peak Workforce Center. Josh challenged employers to model the work ethic they want employees to have. He emphasized why work ethic behaviors are important for getting, and keeping, that job: if you have technical and academic skills, but lack work ethic, all you have is potential. You need all three to be successful. Read more...


 What people are saying.....

IowaWe have been able to utilize Bring Your A Game to Work in many different fashions. We mostly use it in our workshops in our home office. One of the great things about the program is the way that it forces participation. This interactive class can engage all types of personalities and bring in good cohesive thoughts. On the surface it looks like common sense…but the way the presentation is laid out if gives the facilitators chances to get a well-rounded perspective of most commonly focused on areas. Each module has on overview, then it goes into the values. After that the activities give a chance to reinforce these values while having fun in the process.

Another great thing about A Game is its flexibility. We are able to go out to incumbent employees at the employers location and deliver the whole course within the timelines they have available. This can be a seven one hour sessions- three two hour, etc. We have been fortunate in being able to facilitate this workshop to various employers throughout our region.

“This class should be a mandatory class for all of our students!” Amy Naussleman- Buena Vista University

“This class is able to engage all of our population! Love it!” Marlys Breon Drisch- Promise Center

  “Very dynamic presentation! We would recommend this to anyone!” Pam Kaupins– South Ottumwa Savings Bank

   “The material is very informative. I enjoy the different ways to look at the same issue!”  Rachel Johnson-Iowa State University Extension Office

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